Mina Mala halsband

These two malas are the result of a collaboration between Namaste by Emilia and forUjewelry. Emilia is a Swedish well-known yoga teacher as well as a dedicated health coach for women. These are Emilias thoughts about the malas:

I picked these gemstones to prepare you on what’s coming next. With this mala the Universe will open up and remind you of who you truly are – a goddess!

Smoky quartz will keep your feet firmly grounded at all times and cleanse your mind from negative emotions. The calming Aqua Marine is soothing and will inspire trust and truth in your life. Turquoise will protect you and ward off negative energy as well as embody wisdom, luck, protection and immortality. The feminine and compassionate Rose Quartz opens up your heart chakras to unconditional love and positive energy. The goddess stone, Pink Jade, will soothe your mind and increase harmony and balance in your life. The gemstone size is 6 mm.

As gemstones are natural material the malas can differ slightly from each other, which makes each and every one of them unique. They are 56-58 cm long, tassel included (22″-23″).

Enjoy a special summer deal if you purchase one of each! Discounted from $268 for the pair, to only $213, AND Shipping included!

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